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Back from Sussex….

…and planning new meads! My daughter and I just got back from visiting friends for a couple of days, and we’ve brough back with us blackberries, sloes and rosehips. These are all going to be used in melomels. I’m also … Continue reading

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What’s brewing in the Lab

Currently we have a lot of mead brewing in the Amazing Mead Alchemy Lab – 64 litres in total! Brewing: Bramble melomel, started 1st August (2L) Yule mead, started 2nd August (30L) Clover show mead (using D47 yeast), started 22nd … Continue reading

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Pyment, Hippocras and yeast varieties

Pyment is a form of melomel (fruit mead) in which the fruit concerned is grapes. Which variety of grape determines the type of pyment; as with wine, you have red, white and blush (or rosé) pyments. Pyment is a bit … Continue reading

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Types of Mead

At its heart, mead is simply honey, yeast and water; but mead can have a wide variety of flavours depending on the honey & yeast used, additives (also known as “adjuncts” or “gruits”) such as fruits used and the method … Continue reading

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Brewing equipment and ingredients

Mead-making is pretty straight-forward; you don’t really need much by way of specialist equipment, and what there is tends to be pretty cheap. When starting out, you can make small batches using the plastic milk carton method (see Quick ‘n’ … Continue reading

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Yule Mead

It may seem premature to be thinking about Christmas when we’re barely into August, but when when making mead one of the most important ingredients is patience – mead-making involves thinking in terms of months, and right now is the … Continue reading

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What’s going on at Amazing Mead – a personal interlude

I’m afraid this blog has been sadly neglected these past months since last October; rather a case of life getting in the way of blogging, though the mead brewing carried on. The Yuletide Spiced Tea mead turned out a roaring … Continue reading

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