When date braggot gets overenthusiastic …

Sometimes a brew can get going a bit too successfully. Yesterday Arkady started off a demijohn of date braggot: a jar of Tesco date preserve, 500g of medium spray malt from Wilkinson’s, three jars of honey and one sachet of Gervin’s ale yeast from Wilkinson’s.

By midday today it was bubbling brown muck into the airlock. A opened the top up and put the demijohn in a bucket in the bathtub. It’s still bubbling wildly, as you can see … should be prime rocket fuel in short order.

Definitely a boy.

Definitely a boy. Full-sized GIF.

So don’t worry when a mead doesn’t take off straight away!

At least we’ve never had a demijohn burst yet … there’s a reason we recommend plastic.

Update, next day: It’s calmed down enough to put an airlock back on it … probably. Today’s a warm day, so we’ll leave it in the bucket in the bath for the moment …


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