Updates: nuclear mead, accidental sparkling mead

The nuclear mead is about 19% ABV as far as we can tell. A month or so later, it’s tasting no worse than anything made with ordinary yeast, and in a couple more should be quite guzzlable. With appropriate caution. We’ve filtered off a couple of demijohns to age at their leisure, a couple more to go.

The last batch of rose mead was made using champagne yeast. This turned out a little feisty, when we bottled some and the bottle popped its cork! It had decided in this hot weather that it hadn’t quite finished. (One to watch out for.) We drank the bottle tonight and it’s amazing. Our next task will be to learn how to brew sparkling wines without inconvenient explosions … because this stuff is superlative. You so wish you could drink some.

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