Spiced mead liqueur – “Sif’s Gold”

After a few weeks’ mellowing, the experimental nuclear 20% mead is tasting a little less raw and there are hints of the spice creeping back in. It’s incredibly dry (as you might expect from 20% ABV) but I had the feeling that with a little backsweetening it could turn into something pretty special.

So I took 3L of it, backsweetened it with 500g plain honey, and added a couple of bottles of good-quality vanilla extract to create “Sif’s Gold” – 20% ABV spiced mead liqueur. Lovely and sweet, not too overpowering on the spices, one hell of a kick – and if you drink too much of it you’ll feel the next morning as though Thor’s come calling. 😉 This one is definitely going in SMALL bottles!

Definitely one for small bottles!

Definitely one for small bottles!

About arkadyrose

Genderqueer artist, singer, musician, writer, tailor, mead-mazer and doll crafter living in Walthamstow, NE London.
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1 Response to Spiced mead liqueur – “Sif’s Gold”

  1. Ritic says:

    This sounds deliciously amazing.

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