Bramble mead

Rose had used jam as a mead flavouring previously — in fact, her grandmother used to do mead this way. So we thought we’d try one with bramble preserve — which is basically blackberry jam without seeds.

We made it like you would a show mead, but changed some of the honey for the preserve.

We used 2kg (six 340g jars) of seedless bramble preserve, and 7.5kg (sixteen 454g jars) of Tesco honey.

Put it all into a 25 litre tun, add yeast, top up to about 20 litres of warm water. Leave it to bloop away and then settle for two months.

The mead tastes very nice — it was drinkable before filtering, and very smooth afterward. It came out just a bit too sweet — we would probably use just twelve jars of honey next time.

bramble mead

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