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Updates: nuclear mead, accidental sparkling mead

The nuclear mead is about 19% ABV as far as we can tell. A month or so later, it’s tasting no worse than anything made with ordinary yeast, and in a couple more should be quite guzzlable. With appropriate caution. … Continue reading

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Alcotec 48: the rabid crack fiend of fermentation.

So we have this 25-litre tun, and in fact we bought a second one. Since last post, we have filtered and drunk the huge vat of Yule Mead in that post, and brewed and drunk a vat of rose mead … Continue reading

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The simplest mead: show mead.

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This is about as simple as it gets: show mead, which is just honey and nothing else. Four jars of honey, warm water topped up to about four litres, a spoon and a half of super-yeast, wait two months (5th … Continue reading

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When date braggot gets overenthusiastic …

Sometimes a brew can get going a bit too successfully. Yesterday Arkady started off a demijohn of date braggot: a jar of Tesco date preserve, 500g of medium spray malt from Wilkinson’s, three jars of honey and one sachet of … Continue reading

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Rose mead.

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This is a ridiculously simple mead that was very nice in a couple of months. Arkady made a sampler, we concurred it was a spectacular success and did a couple of demijohns. The faint rose taste and smell goes wonderfully … Continue reading

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