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Yule Mead 2014

Due to the volume of Yule mead we generally brew, we figured that this year perhaps it would be a good idea to buy a 25L (5 gallon) fermentation bin with airlock and tap. The usual recipe had to be … Continue reading

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Rose mead.

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This is a ridiculously simple mead that was very nice in a couple of months. Arkady made a sampler, we concurred it was a spectacular success and did a couple of demijohns. The faint rose taste and smell goes wonderfully … Continue reading

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Pyment, Hippocras and yeast varieties

Pyment is a form of melomel (fruit mead) in which the fruit concerned is grapes. Which variety of grape determines the type of pyment; as with wine, you have red, white and blush (or rosé) pyments. Pyment is a bit … Continue reading

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Types of Mead

At its heart, mead is simply honey, yeast and water; but mead can have a wide variety of flavours depending on the honey & yeast used, additives (also known as “adjuncts” or “gruits”) such as fruits used and the method … Continue reading

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What’s brewing in the Amazing Mazery!

There’s quite a lot going on at the moment in my little kitchen alchemy lab, as the corner by the microwave has come to be dubbed! I’ve just been bottling up the strawberry and tropical melomels (fruit mead) that were … Continue reading

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Siphoning, racking and taste-testing

When brewing alcohol, there are several stages to go through before you get to the drinking stage – and after a few weeks of initial fermentation, my batches of mead have gotten to the next stage – racking. This is … Continue reading

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Low GI mead: Agave

I have a few friends who, for one reason or another, have to follow a low-GI diet which led me to thinking about low GI brewing. Agave nectar is increasingly finding favour as a low-GI alternative to sugar for cooking … Continue reading

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