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Spiced mead liqueur – “Sif’s Gold”

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After a few weeks’ mellowing, the experimental nuclear 20% mead is tasting a little less raw and there are hints of the spice creeping back in. It’s incredibly dry (as you might expect from 20% ABV) but I had the … Continue reading

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Updates: nuclear mead, accidental sparkling mead

The nuclear mead is about 19% ABV as far as we can tell. A month or so later, it’s tasting no worse than anything made with ordinary yeast, and in a couple more should be quite guzzlable. With appropriate caution. … Continue reading

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Alcotec 48: the rabid crack fiend of fermentation.

So we have this 25-litre tun, and in fact we bought a second one. Since last post, we have filtered and drunk the huge vat of Yule Mead in that post, and brewed and drunk a vat of rose mead … Continue reading

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Types of Mead

At its heart, mead is simply honey, yeast and water; but mead can have a wide variety of flavours depending on the honey & yeast used, additives (also known as “adjuncts” or “gruits”) such as fruits used and the method … Continue reading

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Yule Mead

It may seem premature to be thinking about Christmas when we’re barely into August, but when when making mead one of the most important ingredients is patience – mead-making involves thinking in terms of months, and right now is the … Continue reading

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Quick ‘n’ Easy Bramble Mead

As can be seen from my recipe for Quick ‘n’ Easy Orange Mead, mead making doesn’t need to involve large amounts of special ingredients or complicated equipment. But there’s an even quicker and easier way to make a fruit mead … Continue reading

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Quick ‘n’ easy Orange Mead

Mead-making can seem somewhat daunting at first, with all the strange-seeming paraphernalia and odd words. But it doesn’t take a whole kitchen of fancy equipment to brew mead – in fact you can make your first batch of mead that’s … Continue reading

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