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Comments answered!

So, we’re about as fast at comment responses as we are at posting — just found a pile dating back to 2014! These have been approved, and often responded to … I’ll try to be better about this going forward!

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Bramble mead

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Rose had used jam as a mead flavouring previously — in fact, her grandmother used to do mead this way. So we thought we’d try one with bramble preserve — which is basically blackberry jam without seeds. We made it … Continue reading

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A dash of vanilla does wonders for show mead

We have no new recipes — we’re still on the old ones, which are working just fine, thank you! But! We made a show mead — just honey and yeast — and Arkady discovered that if you add just a … Continue reading

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Spiced mead liqueur – “Sif’s Gold”

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After a few weeks’ mellowing, the experimental nuclear 20% mead is tasting a little less raw and there are hints of the spice creeping back in. It’s incredibly dry (as you might expect from 20% ABV) but I had the … Continue reading

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Updates: nuclear mead, accidental sparkling mead

The nuclear mead is about 19% ABV as far as we can tell. A month or so later, it’s tasting no worse than anything made with ordinary yeast, and in a couple more should be quite guzzlable. With appropriate caution. … Continue reading

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Alcotec 48: the rabid crack fiend of fermentation.

So we have this 25-litre tun, and in fact we bought a second one. Since last post, we have filtered and drunk the huge vat of Yule Mead in that post, and brewed and drunk a vat of rose mead … Continue reading

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Types of Mead

At its heart, mead is simply honey, yeast and water; but mead can have a wide variety of flavours depending on the honey & yeast used, additives (also known as “adjuncts” or “gruits”) such as fruits used and the method … Continue reading

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